About exhibitions in the U.S.
Question1Do you sponsor trade shows?
No, we do not. We provide support for exhibiting at trade shows organized by JFCA (Japan Food Culture Association) and JETRO. JFCA does not have an office in Japan, so we perform various tasks on behalf of JFCA on consignment.
Question2What is the relationship between EATUSA and JFCA?
Our president, Takao Kambara, is the founder of JFCA and currently serves as its vice president. EATUSA has a subcontracting agreement with JFCA to conduct business in Japan on behalf of JFCA.
Question3How many exhibitions are held annually?
We plan to hold exhibitions 2 to 4 times a year in various locations in the United States.
Question4What is the scale of the exhibition?
We plan to have about 100 to 150 booths depending on the venue. The number of visitors is about 2000 paid visitors/day and 500 industry invitees/day.
Will the exhibition fee be paid in dollars?
No. You can pay in yen without the troublesome overseas dollar remittance. Conversion will be made at the central rate of the Bank of Japan foreign exchange market on the given date.


Can you arrange for an assistant or interpreter?
Yes, we can. Basically, we can arrange for a bilingual person who can also speak Japanese.
How do you handle the transportation of goods to be exhibited?
We can handle the transportation procedures on your behalf, including preparation of labels, etc., in accordance with FDA and other regulations, and arrange for logistics and delivery to the exhibition venue.
Is it possible to sell products at the exhibition?
Yes, it is possible. We can rent terminals that accept credit card payments, so you can sell your products on the spot.
What happens to surplus products?
You can send them back to Japan, or you can provide them to local Japanese wholesalers and have them use them as samples for their customers.
Are MAFF and JETRO involved?
Yes, as part of the 5 trillion yen export project by 2030, JFCA was first designated as an export support platform in LA in April 2022, and the exhibition is co-hosted with JETRO.